How to choose the right wedding dress without breaking your budget

Are you a bride-to-be scouting for the right dress for your wedding?

Do you want to look gorgeous and breath taking as you walk down the aisle into the arms of the love of your life?

I bet you do!

The only challenge right now is finding the right wedding dress that will deliver on that promise.

Beautiful dresses however come with a big price tag and might not be within your financial reach to make your day.

But, not to worry there is always a way out.  Read on to find out how you can choose the right wedding dress without breaking your budget.

Wedding ring, pen and money

Wedding ring on pen,


First, you need to determine the kind of style, color and your size. This can be achieved by visiting bridal shops to get a feel of what is out there and what will fit you.  Sometimes, you might be thinking of a particular color but when you come close and put a dress of that color against your body, it might not flatter you or blend in the way you want.

Next, you can then set out to hunt for that dress.  Here are some of the places you can check out to get the best deal.

  • Look out for sample dress – Usually, bridal stores have a display of dresses for every season and once that season has ended, they need to dispose the dress. They would often sell it off at a price less that the actual price and this can be a good deal for you.
  • Check out wholesale wedding lines – Wholesalers are not known for selling to individuals, but in recent times most wholesalers have developed their own wedding dress line and the price range is cheaper than what you’ll get at bridal boutiques. You can take advantage of their mass production to get a lower price that will suit your budget.
  • Go non-traditional – Because of the perception attached to weddings, boutiques know that brides want to have the best at all cost for their big day and this has pushed the price of wedding dresses up.  However, other dresses like cocktail-length gowns, vintage gowns and sometimes party dresses depending on the style of wedding can also be as beautiful and you should look out for these hidden gems.  Their prices are also more pocket friendly and you get to choose from a wide range of designs.
Young bride wearking luxurious wedding dress

Gorgeous young bride holding bouquet

  • Go for custom made – There is a notion that custom made dresses are more expensive but this is not true.  You can have your wedding dress custom made and on a pocket friendly budget too. Places like Etsy as well as other local listings can be full of surprises.  Do a little digging and you will find that dream dress.
  • Shop-off season – The best approach here is to start shopping on time. Target the off-season deals as these offer the best deal for lesser. Last minute rush or shopping during wedding seasons drives up cost and limits our choices. So, go for your dress hunting on time.

These are just a few ways to get you started and I’m sure you’ll hit a good deal before you run through all the options discussed.  Go on and get that dream dress that you deserve!


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