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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Vendors

Can I pick my own spot?
We choose vendor spots carefully to ensure competing businesses are not next to each other among other considerations.

Can I share my table with another business?
No, tables cannot be shared.  We limit how many businesses can exhibit in each vendor category and can’t allow sharing of tables.

Are we allowed giveaways, and if so what can we include?
Vendors can give away prizes and can choose whatever prize/s they want. We do find however that choosing something connected to ones business is a more effective marketing tool.

Do I need to offer door prizes?
Door prizes is a vendor choice.  In addition to promoting our partners on our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/theapulsetoevents; https://www.facebook.com/theabridalshow) and Twitter pages, we use door prizes to promote vendors on event Facebook page.  Vendors have the opportunity to indicate on registration form what prize/s they are giving away.

How are the giveaways distributed?
We give out giveaways on the day of the show.  Vendors can have us do the giveaway or they can choose someone from their guest list.  When we do the giveaways, we consider which vendors attendees are looking to meet and give out prizes accordingly. *Vendors must indicate on registration form if they want us to do the giveaway on their behalf.

Can any vendor participate in the 10% Vendor Discount?
Yes, the 10% Vendor Discount to all attendees is an opportunity available to all vendors.

How does the 10% Vendor Discount Work?
The 10% Vendor Discount is only good and available for ONLY 48 Hours.  We create an electronic 10% Discount Voucher that expires in 48 hours after the show. This means that show attendees have to book you within 48 hours or loose the 10% discount opportunity.  A list of participating vendors is sent to attendees right after the show. They must claim within 48 Hours or it expires.

Are There Additional Fees?
No, there are no additional fees to the registration fees.

Can I add my coupons and giftcards to the gift bag?
Yes, but they must be received by the specified date on exhibitor info and benefits which is usually 2 weeks before any show.

Do I need to bring my own table?
No, we provide tables

Do I have bring my own tablecloth?
Yes, and the color must be black and full length to the floor.  Table size is always listed on vendor registration and benefits.  You can place a preferred color on top of table if like. However, the skirt must be black.

How many exhibitors total in each vendor category?
We have a maximum of 4 vendors in each vendor category.

How many exhibitors are typically at a show

What is the expected attendees for your shows?

How many attendees do you average per show?

Can I request an electrical outlet?
Yes, but this must be stated on registration form for logistical reasons.

Do you provide attendee contact list?​
It’s important to us that vendors have the opportunity to convert their leads.  By not overwhelming the brides with email from all vendors, there is a higher conversion rate.  Vendors can focus their time and resources on the brides interested in their service to continue to build a relationship.  As such, we ask exhibitors to provide a guest sign-up for attendees to provide them with their information, and indication that they are interested in their offerings and giving them permission to follow up and continue the relationship.  *We however share list of attendees interested in your particular service/products.

Do you follow-up with attendees?
Yes, we send a thank you to all attendees right after the show which includes a list of all our participating partners and continue to follow-up with those who did not open their e-mail the first time.

What makes you different from other show producers?
We are known to refer brides and grooms to vendors long after a show. We continue to build relationship with our partners long after shows and support them with continued referrals and business growth strategies. We believe the success of our vendors is our success.

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