Pay for Your Wedding Using Wedding Deals and Steals

You may be surprised to learn that you can save thousands on your wedding expenses. One of the best ways to save big on your wedding is through wedding deals and steals. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on wedding costs and how you can cut into those costs, saving yourself hard earned money.

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How much do couples spend on their wedding?

What bride doesn’t want a lavish wedding, a gorgeous white wedding gown tail gently flowing atop a perfectly trimmed lawn or marble church floor as she makes her way to the altar? Picture perfect settings on tropical islands or stunning country sides should be a part of any bride’s day. They truly should be. The drawback is costs.


Consider this. The average cost of a wedding tops $26,000. The majority of couples spend less than $10,000 on their big day; others spend more than $33,000. Topping the list of wedding expenses are the wedding venue, rental equipment and refreshments. Alone, these three average nearly $12,000 per couple.


Couples spend about $4,100 on jewelry, $2,800 on photography and $1,500 on flowers and other venue decorations. You might be surprised to learn that couples spend less than $1,700 on wedding gowns and tuxedos.


Easy ways to cut wedding costs

If you’re looking for simple ways to save hundreds of dollars on valuable wedding items, check out these ways to save:


  • Grab wedding deals and steals. Good Morning America sponsored a great wedding deals and steals event in April 2016. Exclusive deals like the Lisa Stewart leather collection saw brides and grooms save a whopping $90 on designer leather handbags. Couples saved 53% on designer pillows. And these are just a couple of the spectacular deals that were a part of the special television airing.
  • Other media outlets like ABC News also spotlight wedding deals and steals. Contact program directors to find out when their next event is scheduled for. Because these events are often streamed live, you can attend and grab huge wedding savings from the comforts of your home.
  • Pay attention to promo codes. You’ll need to provide the right promo codes for the wedding products that you want. Other vendors require you to click on a link to access their awesome wedding deals and steals. As with any link, go directly to the vendor’s site and ensure that the link is legit before you click on it.
  • Wedding magazines and wedding stores also run clearance sales. Subscribe to magazine and store newsletters. You can also follow these industry leaders on social media. Why? You can get coupons, discounts, prizes and giveaways that they offer direct to their loyal customers.
  • Shop at thrift or consignment stores for your wedding dress. You could also use your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress and get gown accessories from a consignment store. There are consignment stores that sell designer fashions at deep discounts. Don’t pass these wedding savings up.
  • Social media pages like The A Bridal Show offer valuable gift certificates that save brides and grooms up to $200. All exclusive wedding stays and engagement photo sessions are also offered at social media wedding pages. Just do a search in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus to find wedding deals and steals.


Bridal shows and bridal expos are other great places where you can save big. At bridal shows and expos, dozens of vendors are under one roof, giving you the chance to go home with loads of coupons, grab bags and giveaways. Also, consider setting wedding deals and steals email alerts on major search engines like Google and Bing, so you can find out about great deals as soon as they launch.



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